Visiting & Messages

Classroom visits are allowed with prior notice with the teacher and approval from our principal. All parents and guests who visit or volunteer in the building are required by law to report to the school office, sign in and get a visitors badge.

All volunteers must have a Volunteer Application and Volunteer Disclosure Form filled out and approved prior to volunteering or going on any field trips.


Messages for students can be received until 3:00 pm (M, Tu, W, F) and 1:30 pm (Thurs).  After that time, we will do our best to get the message to your child.

Please make every attempt to make arrangements with your child prior to coming to school.  We understand there are times when circumstances do not allow this to be done.  We will make every attempt to accommodate these circumstances.

A note must be sent with your child if routine transportation arrangements have been changed such as riding a different bus, going home with a friend, or a change in daycare. 


Treats may be brought in with prior approval from the teacher.  The days are packed with learning and most celebrations occur within 15 minutes so the class can continue on with their day or dismiss at the end of the day.  Please refrain from sending balloons or bouquets unless you are picking your student up after school (these items will remain in the office until the end of the day to avoid classroom interruptions).  Birthday invitations may be passed out to all students in the class or all gender specific (all boys or all girls). It is not okay to exclude students if invitations are being passed out.