Title 1

Clear Creek is a schoolwide Title I school. Title I is a federal program that provides additional resources for students who are struggling to learn.

In our school district, the instructional goal of Title I is to provide high quality supplementary instruction that complements classroom instruction. Coordination with your classroom teacher is a critical component of the process.

The following links can help you learn more about the Title I program:

You can also learn more about our school’s plans to improve and keep you involved:

Clear Creek Elementary
Title I Building Plan
• Based on our SIP (School Improvement Plan) – review of data and student needs
• 3.5 full-time para-educators to support Literacy and Math
• 1.0 Certificated Teacher for Reading Instruction
• Tier II and Tier III Intervention Block Support (Reading)
o Kindergarten – 45-60 minute literacy intervention block
o 1st grade – 30 minute literacy intervention block
o 2nd grade – 30 minute literacy intervention block
o 3rd grade – 30 minute literacy intervention block
o 4th grade – 30 minute literacy intervention block
o 5th grade – 30 minute literacy intervention block
• Math Intervention support will be determined based on need at each grade
• Journey’s Tier II Intervention with Write in Reader (K-5)
• Reading Mastery (Grades K-2)
• Corrective Reading (Grades 3-6)
• Assessments: DIBELS, STAR Enterprise, (DRA and IRI are optional) Classroom assessments, Smarter Balanced State Assessment
• Teacher/Title I PLC Collaboration to review data, goals, modifications, plans
Parent Involvement
• Two meetings a year (all parents invited) – Fall meeting (Open House) to introduce plan/spring meeting to evaluate and revise plan)
• A copy of the plan will be distributed to all parents in the fall – School Newsletter
• All parents will be informed of intervention opportunities in writing and during conferences in the fall.
• Information about curriculum, assessments, and programs will be provided throughout the year through the school web site, newsletters, conferences and meetings.
• A family resource library IS available to assist parents with reading, math, writing, homework, and other parenting issues.(Located in the Learning Specialist’s office)
• At least two Family Nights will take place during the school year (Reading and Math) in addition to PTA sponsored events.
• At least 1 “during the day” read-ins in the library will take place during the school year

If parents have concerns about the Title I/LAP Program, they are encouraged to talk with the principal. Title I/LAP Complaint Procedures are outlined in Chapter 392-168 of the WA Administrative Code. This can be found at http://apps.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=392-168