Discipline Policy

Our school has several positive reinforcements for students who make good choices: Kelso’s Choice rewards and Outstanding Orcas are just two of the schoolwide incentives in place to reward children for their efforts. Individual classroom teachers also reward children in a variety of ways: classroom popcorn parties, extra recess, read-ins, etc.

Office Referrals

Classroom teachers design their own rules and consequences.

As a school, we have determined the reasons that I would see a child for disciplinary actions. If a child is defiant, physically aggressive or threatens the safety of him/herself or others, an office referral is necessary.

As with each child, referrals are handled on an individual basis. I will always communicate with you in writing or on the telephone if the incident was of a significant nature. I consider violence, weapons, threats and harassment to be very serious offenses that warrant suspension.

Please review the Student Rights & Responsibilities. It is my expectation that students act respectfully when dealing with all staff (teachers, assistants, office staff, bus drivers, etc.).

Your Assistance

This is where I ask for your assistance. Please be sure your child understands that Clear Creek has strict rules about NEVER hurting someone else in anger, weapons (even toys, metal nail files and pocket knives) are NOT ALLOWED, and that all students are held responsible for the words that come out of their mouths (even if they didn’t mean them).

Principal Intervention

If children are having difficulty following the classroom rules (defiance), the teacher may ask me to intervene.

My normal procedure is to talk with the child, identify a plan of action for success (debriefing form) and then to give them one more opportunity to follow that plan. If the child is successful, then I will be proud that they had a problem and turned it around.

If the child is sent out of the room again, then a copy of the plan of action is sent home for your signature. It would be my understanding that the child had a plan and was unable to follow it. The child would also spend the rest of that day working independently in the office area. This rarely happens.

Ninety percent of the time, a child is able to follow their plan and be successful back in their class. Bus referrals also require your signature.

Bus Privileges

Riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right. We want all students to be delivered safely to and from their destination. Please review the bus rules and conduct. Three bus referrals (conduct slips) results in a suspension from the bus. Serious offenses result in immediate suspension.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 360-662-8100.


Shirley Kenmochi, Principal