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Mr. Gowdy teaches at Clear Creek two to three times a week.  This program includes health related concepts (muscles, the heart, bones, nutrition), personal fitness and goal-setting, and skill building (motor skills, sport-specific skills).

The gym-classroom is a non-competitive environment where students are encouraged to try new or difficult skills.  They teach units from the district adopted Five for Life curriculum (health related concepts as they relate to the five components of fitness: cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition), sport and skill units (throwing and catching, dodging and fleeing, dribbling, basketball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, jump rope,) and district units that require “traveling” equipment that is shared between the elementary schools PE programs (heart obstacle course, roller skating and roller racers, gymnastics, juggling.)

Every day students assess their class’s success in six areas: meeting the day’s goals, safety, equipment management, listening, participation, and cooperation/teamwork/good sportsmanship. The ultimate goal is that the students develop a lifelong love of health and fitness and activity.