Fall Clubs at Clear Creek

Information on Fall Clubs
Posted on 10/01/2019
Fall ForestNext week, on Tuesday, October 8th, we will be starting our first Fall Club session.  This year, we plan on having 3 after school club sessions throughout the year.  

To help with the sign-up process, we are doing an online application this year.  If you’d like your child to participate in clubs this year, please complete this form here.  On this form, you’ll put your preferences.  The form will be open until Thursday, October 3rd @ 4pm.   After that, the form will be closed, we’ll look at student preferences, and on Friday, you’ll receive an email with confirmations about what clubs your child will be included in.  

Please know that with only 42 slots available for clubs this Fall Session, not every child that completes the form will be included in a club.  If you’d like to run a club for our Winter Session, so we can have more offerings, please contact the school. 360-662-8100