Clear Creek has adopted the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) initiative to establish a proactive approach to behavioral supports and the culture needed for all students to achieve social, emotional and academic success.  

We create a positive environment for students and staff by establishing a system of school wide expectations, investing in skill development, providing clear consequences, and planned incentives. We aim to recognize and celebrate all students when they are successful and we provide interventions when students need help. 

A key component of student success is to increase mentor relationships. We strive to partner with families through communication and opportunities for active involvement. 

Orca Tickets

To recognize students for being Optimistic, Respectful, Caring, and Accountable Orcas, every staff member is encouraged to use Orca Tickets to reinforce positive student behavior throughout the school. 

How are Orca Tickets earned? 

Being Optimistic learners and trying your hardest Being Respectful to all students and staff Being Caring to ourselves and others (playing nicely with everyone, showing good sportsmanship, encouraging classmates, etc.) Being Accountable to do the right thing (even if nobody is looking) Each week the Orca Ticket store will be open for students to spend tickets on items and privileges. 

Orca Reset

We use reset at our school so students can learn strategies to self manage unsuccessful behaviors. 

Why do students need to Reset? 

To reinforce positive behaviors
To establish successful student habits
To maximize instructional time so all students can learn

What will happen during a Reset?

Student moves to classroom reset area Student completes Orca Think Sheet & calming strategies
Teacher conferences with student
Additional support for students
Parent contact
Parent conference
Office referral