Rules & Conduct

We focus on positive reinforcements to help our students make successful choices in their actions.

In addition to the rules described in each section below, please note that gum is not allowed for students or staff at school or on the bus. Also, tag is not allowed during recess.

Please also review our attendance guidelines.

Student Dress

Students are reminded that their appearance significantly affects the way others respond to them. Student dress or appearance shall not create a substantial disruption of the educational process at school.

The following applies to student dress:

  • Shorts and skirts: are to be at least mid-length or longer.
  • No bare midriff (short) tops: Tank tops need to have at least two inches of shoulder coverage and not hang low at the armpits.
  • Facial makeup: Will not be used.
  • Hats: May be worn to and from school, they are not to be worn inside the building.  Students may only wear hats as they were intended - Not backwards.

Electronic Devices

Use of electronic communication and media devices, such as cellular phones and entertainment devices is a violation of school rules (as described in the Student Rights & Responsibilities).

Toys, iPods, etc. These items are not allowed at school or on the bus. Music can be a major distraction and disruption. We have found the appropriateness of certain CDs, etc. hard to control.

Threatening Language

Schools across our country are now faced with security issues regarding threatening language. Saying something like, “I’m gonna kill you,” in jest is no longer tolerable here.

Having students (and teachers) feel safe and be safe at school will require parents and school staff to work together to teach children that threatening words, even if they are just kidding around, are not acceptable.

Parents will get a phone call from the teacher or the principal if their children use threatening language. Appropriate disciplinary action for threatening others will be enforced.

Please help us create a safer world for our youth.


The laws in our state prohibit weapons (the obvious being guns and knives) and look-alike weapons on school campuses.

The usual weapon found at elementary schools is a pocket knife. Pocket knives are confiscated by the school principal and are considered weapons. Possession of a weapon or look-alike weapon will result in suspension.

Please teach your children the law.