Military Family Resources


Clear Creek Elementary Military Programs

Our school is typically composed of approximately 86% of students from active-duty military families.
We understand and do our very best to support the many unique challenges that these families face
such as deployment and frequent relocations. Our priority in this regard is to provide students an
environment where they are emotionally available to learn.
To begin this process, we assist new students on their first day by having the Student Support Specialist
greet them and walk them to their new classroom. Further, within a student’s first few days, our school’s
Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC) and a member of the Welcome Wagon will give the student and
family a tour of our campus. Students are individually assessed in reading and math immediately upon
entry to our school and placed in small group instruction in appropriate Title I Services  We have also
developed partnerships with several outstanding organizations to provide further support to our military
students and their families. Participation in these programs can come about by teacher recommendation
or self/family request and each program is coordinated by our MFLC.

 Anchored4Life, a division of the Trevor Romain Company, is a peer to peer Club

that helps children navigate through transitions by teaching them resiliency and life skills.

The Anchored4Life Club, led by our 8 Student Team Leaders, 3 Adult Advisors and our MFLAC
Counselor, provides children with various opportunities to learn and strengthen leadership skills,
build character, enhance social skills and improve their self-esteem -- not only by being
knowledgeable in our eight (8) transition topics, but being able to actively support peers in
positively overcoming setbacks. Although Anchored4Life is solely funded by the United States
military, this Club is open to both military and civilian children at any participating location. 

Our Team Leaders will welcome all new students and help with transitions regarding our students
who move and/or experience family deployments. 

Clear Creek Welcome Wagon: Two students in each classroom (1st-5th) have been chosen to
be the Welcome Guides for the school year.  These students greet new Clear Creek students from
his/her classroom throughout the year.  The program has the following objectives:

New students will have “friends” on the first day of school, thereby easing the transition to a new school.
New students will have a reliable source of information about Clear Creek School.
Welcome Guides help new students learn about classroom procedures, rules, and expectations.
Welcome Guides work closely with our Anchored4Life Team Leaders, who also greet new
         students and perform tours and other activities beyond the classroom.

Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC):
 MFLC-CYB-Brochure    Provided by through a Department of
Defense contract, this full-time licensed social worker is instrumental in coordinating and encouraging all
support services for military families at Clear Creek Elementary and also provides counseling support to
students and parents.  All conversations with MFLC counselors is confidential and will not be reported
back to the military.  MFLC Consent Form.docx.pdf for U.S. Military Families: for U.S. Military Families is a DoD-funded
program that allows students to connect to a live tutor online at any time for one-to-one
help with homework, studying, SAT/ACT test prep, proofreading and more.  This service is
available at no charge to all K-12 grade students and some adults in active duty, National
Guard, and reserve families. Click here to visit

United Through Reading: Clear Creek Elementary School has entered into a partnership with
United Through Reading (UTR).  Please click here to learn more about UTR, which offers
military parents who are going on deployment the opportunity to be filmed reading a story aloud
and recording messages to their children.  The filmed session is then burned onto a DVD and
given to the family so it can be watched whenever desired while the deployed parent is gone.   

Additional Information
Clear Creek PTA is always looking for new members.  If you'd like more information about
our PTA and how to join, please contact [email protected] or visit their Facebook page to
connect with other parents at  Clear Creek PTA

Peninsula Community Health: Our local Peninsula Community Health Services accepts TriCare.
For more information about their services, please visit

Register to Vote in WA: Register to Vote in WA state
 Military Spouses must fill out a paper registration: paper form