Title 1

Clear Creek is a schoolwide Title I school. Title I is a federal program that provides additional resources for students who are struggling to learn.

In our school district, the instructional goal of Title I is to provide high quality supplementary instruction that complements classroom instruction. Coordination with your classroom teacher is a critical component of the process.

The following links can help you learn more about the Title I program:

You can also learn more about our school’s plans to improve and keep you involved:

Clear Creek Elementary
Title I Building Plan

Based on our SIP (School Improvement Plan) – review of data and student needs/Parent Input
3.5 full-time para-educators to support Literacy and Math
1.0 Certificated Teacher for Reading Instruction
Tier II and Tier III  Intervention Block Support (Reading)
Kindergarten –  30-60 minute literacy intervention block
1st grade –  30 minute literacy intervention block
2nd grade –   30 minute literacy intervention block
3rd grade –  30 minute literacy intervention block
4th grade –   30 minute literacy intervention block
5th grade  –   30 minute literacy intervention block
Math Intervention support will be determined based on need at each grade 
Journey’s Tier II Intervention with Write in Reader (K-5)
Reading Mastery (Grades K-2)
Corrective Reading (Grades 3-6)
Assessments: Acadience, STAR Enterprise, (DRA and IRI are optional) Classroom assessments, Smarter Balanced State Assessment
Teacher/Title I PLC Collaboration to review data, goals, modifications, plans
Parent and Family Engagement
Two meetings a year (all parents invited) – Fall meeting (Open House) to introduce plan/spring meeting to evaluate and revise/develop plan)
A copy of the plan will be distributed to all parents in the fall – School Newsletter/Open House
All parents will be informed of intervention opportunities in writing and during conferences in the fall.
Information about curriculum, assessments, and programs will be provided throughout the year through the school web site, newsletters, conferences and meetings.
  A family resource library IS available to assist parents with reading, math, writing, homework, and other parenting issues.(Located in the Learning Specialist’s office)
At least two Family Nights will take place during the school year (Reading and Math) in addition to PTA sponsored events.
At least 1 “during the day” read-ins in the library will take place during the school year

If parents have concerns about the Title I/LAP Program, they are encouraged to talk with the principal.  Title I/LAP Complaint Procedures are outlined in Chapter 392-168 of the WA Administrative Code. This can be found at http://apps.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=392-168